Wednesday, February 09, 2005

High Availability or Fast Recovery?

I came across an interesting research topic Recovery-Oriented Computing at UC Berkely. The research project that is investigating novel techniques for building highly-dependable Internet services. Generally the trend is to provide High Availability for Web based applications using Clustering and Load-balancing. The idea of ROC suggests faster reocvery instead of fail-safe. Business could favour this idea mainly depending on cost of failure and the cost(also time) for recovery. If the time for recovery can be minized in such a way that could fit cost of failure business model this concept could be a great success!

I remember this saying "History repeats itself". If we see ROC or Binary XML both are like revisiting the past with a different perspective. People were using Recovery mechansims before the buzz of HA and same with binary xml which is now a tailored solution for network traffic!

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