Sunday, April 03, 2005

How to setup a web/ftp server @ home? (Dynamic DNS?)

Have you wondered what is Dynamic DNS service is?

Generally we know how DNS (Domain Name Server) works . Any major website is usually associated with a static ip address. The name is mapped to a single ip address and it wont change frequently, most servers have static ip address. In order to obtain a static ip address for your home you may have to pay additional charge to your ISP.

At home we normally have a high-speed (or dial-up) connnection with dynamic ip adress. By dynamic we mean that each time you connect to your ISP you will be given a different address. Since there is on single ip address it would be impossible to host a web server and ensure availability of the system. The dynamic DNS service provided by,, etc. In dynamic DNS service works by installing a client application on your home computer and monitors your ip address continously. If your ip address changes the client maps your domain name with your "current" (home) ip address. So any browser trying to resolve your domain will find you! As simple as it can be!

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