Friday, February 24, 2006

Web Services- Using Axis/Spring/Castor

I was working on application architecture for building a document style web service this past week. I finally built the same using Axis, Spring and Castor frameworks. Spring also has their own web services framework(Spring-WS) but they dont quite have a stable release.

Basically the idea is to leverage the best of these two frameworks. As it is obvious Spring is used for hosting managed beans business logic and Axis for hosting the service. I leveraged Axis flexibilty to use custom Serializers and Deserializers and used Castor for OXM (Object-XML Mapping), so far it seems to work. As always, I would welcome any comments/suggestions/critic.


Anonymous said...

Hi! R u familiar with implmenting document style web services using .NET framework with a similar service architecture as Axis provides getting into details? I am trying to hook up an interaction with Axis and .NET. Axis gets its content to doc style services on Axis as an element array. MS Help gives an RPC model which just defines the underlying layer i.e. autogenerated WSDLs on VS to be using document style. I need to transfer XML content. Do u have any clue??

Venkk Suryanarayanan said...

I haven't specifically worked on this. I hope you will find the following URLs of use, in case if you haven't already checked them out:

Anonymous said...

so do u have some sample code with whatever ur working with??

Anonymous said...


Have u used ann ECM tools like Documentum and deployed it on jboss? Need info


Jakub said...

Hi Venkk, that sounds interesting. But: what do you need Axis serializers for if Castor does the OXM? And please could you publicize your source code or its snippets?

I am working on Axis+Spring web services a few days and have rather troubles de/serializing Lists.

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