Sunday, August 20, 2006

Calendaring and Kiko?

I read few blog posts about Kiko being auctioned on eBay, most of them were negative ofcourse.    I think there is more to Calendaring than what the Calendar services offer today.

These are some of the features which I think can make Calendaring more effective..

  • TV/Radio Schedules -- special Calendars listing them and the ability to pick and add a program to user's personal calendar
  • Zip code based search on public Events
  • Local Bus/Train schedule integration
  • Event History reports -- based on tags, date ranges, etc
  • Ability to organize Trips with a special wizard for planning (scheduling)
  • Ability to create Social Events and associated services with payment integration, may be?

There are more features that can make Calendaring more useful and unique.    I am very curious as to understand if Kiko had thought of providing these features at any point?

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