Saturday, March 24, 2007

Scribd - the documents

Scribd - the documents avatar of YouTube is a YCombinator startup. I'm impressed by the navigational site design and of course the document renderer. This startup reminds me of one of the open source project called e-sharepoint which was built with the same vision but never saw completion. I had contributed for e-sharepoint as a developer almost two years back.

I built a Google Co-op Search for searching e-books on Scribd and here is the link for it:

Some of the features that I would love to see in Scribd includes:
  • Quote on a selected text and link to it from comments (dynamic highlighting)
  • Facilitate more user discussions by improving comments feature
  • Allow users to recommend similar/related documents
  • Allow Pin-n-Publish of reading list in RSS

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Anonymous said...

i think one of the cool things on the site is the audio for the texts.

i think very soon the auto generation of audio and video/graphics frm texts will see a growth of a whole new generation of audio visual data mashups. Visit if they combine audio along with the 3D grapics you almost get to visualize the match.

alex said...
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alex said...

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