Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Desktop 2 with Sidebar! Why an app? Why not a webapp?

Google today released Google Desktop 2 with Sidebar. The sidebar looks pretty helpful and handly tool. I read some reviews stating that it takes quite a screen real-estate, but dont worry it has an auto-hide feature which will allow you to have ample space on your screen. I would like to see MSN messenger with a nice interface with all these features.

I am also wondering why Google built this as a desktop application. Why not build an rich web client interface (ajax) and utilize the Windows -> Display Properties -> Customize Desktop and place it as a web item and place it in the sidebar. I am hoping Windows should be storing this stuff somewhere so a typical installation for this interface (web based) should have written those values and locked the web item to the side of the screen. But this idea only works for Windows XP/2003, still that would work since Google desktop only supports XP and 2003. May be they did it because they have a better reason!

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