Saturday, January 20, 2007

Video Hyperlinking

Today, I stumbled upon Video Hyperlink demo from Microsoft adLabs. I find this to be a very important step in online video though this innovation seems to be natural progression.

I feel the emergence of technology with the ability to instrument code (possibly through plugins) to customize players during playback will be seen. In other words, player runtime will have a programmable context within player component to execute some code during playback. I think Adobe Flex framework provides this today and Scott Guthrie of Microsoft gave some hint of video based techonology being part of XAML might be shown during Mix 07. Also, quite naturally the need for metadata at a frame level either with inherent support in video format or through external DAM systems. For example, Canto Video Suite allows video metadata annotation at a frame level.

IBM alphaWorks has a tool which allows MPEG-7 video sequences to be annotated.
Lets wait and watch the digital excitement!

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