Friday, February 02, 2007

Dig-the-digg: Friend Finder!

Digg is one of the busiest social bookmarking site where people are sharing their interests by registering their vote on the links. To me this seems to be an interesting way to meet new people. Few days back I was inspired by the idea of how the intersection of similar diggs of a person with another person could be a way to meet new friends. Let say I digg on a set of links and if there is another user who diggs on the same links that I digg on then he/she could be my potential friend, its not really necessary the other users diggs on all the links that I digg but a reasonable digg rate could be considered.

I wrote a little crawler to crawl on my diggs and found some interesting results. One could try this manually too and here is how:

1. Goto one of your Diggs and click on "Who Dugg or Blogged this?"
2. Click on each user to see their Diggs and find a user whose diggs you like
3. Subscribe to his/her Digg Feed (RSS)
4. Now, even if you're not an actively digging you will not miss out on interesting links


Don Draper said...

Another way to approach this is to look for people that have submitted stories that match the keywords you're interested in. They'll be more likely to be receptive to your stories.

Here's a free tool that does that:

webhost said...

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